Gerada ltd. was created in 1996 with the sole purpose to sweeten up people’s lives.
We were pioneers in appreciating the value of organic beekeeping for the environment, communities & consumers and in 2001 obtained the first certificate in Bulgaria for production, processing, and trade of organic honey.

Since then we have focused on making organic honey & honey bee products that offer healthy nutrition
and are produced in harmony with nature.
Today our products are sold throughout Europe and United Arab Emirates.


For us organic is not just a part of our offering – it is the foundation to our long-term commitment, transparency, and holistic outlook on production. These organic principles are embedded in every aspect of our production, relationships, and decision-making.

We find it extremely rewarding to produce organic natural products while in the same time enhance the bees’ living environment, and contributе to an environmental & ecological balance.


Long-term commitment &
trusted relationships

When something is produced in harmony with nature, dedication & integrity are all it needs to be of highest quality.  Long-term experience, stringent quality standards, and trusted relationships with our beekeepers allow us to be rest assured that our honey is 100% natural, highest quality, and free from pesticides, herbicides, artificial sweeteners & any other additives.

Holistic process &
respected traditions

The legacy of beekeeping in Bulgaria is one extending generations back. Together with our beekeepers we work to ensure the most favorable conditions for the bees in order to obtain the highest quality honey bee products.

Our honey is extracted from organic certified apiaries subject to number of requirements for location, breeding of bee families, cultivation & extraction techniques. They are located in areas abundant with wild meadows & herbal pastures away from industrial production & intensive agriculture.

That way the bees’ honey product can be free of any harmful substances & the bees’ natural environment is preserved.

Quality control &

In order to ensure the premium quality of our organic honey we have established procedures of control. We oversee our whole value chain – from inspections of our beehives and bee families, to production and collection of honey, to managing the raw material in our warehouse, processing it with care and control, and ensuring its high quality up until it gets to our clients.


Gerada Ltd is certified organic according to the highest international standard for organic production.

We constantly improve our internal quality control management system which adheres to the international standard for food safety management FCCS 22000. That way we have established and adhere to processes that ensure full control & traceability of our operations – upward and downward our value chain.

certificate - BG-BIO-05
certificate - USDA-ORGANIC
certificate - FSSC - 2200


Honey Style

For everyone who selects their food with care & style, Honey Style is Healthy, Tasty & Nutritious, giving you a delicious sweet treat and a boost to the mind and body.

The different honey and honey bee products are rich in wild herbs & vegetation and offer a unique blend of honey with other organic products.

Finally, Honey Style gives you the high quality you need produced in harmony with nature – our products are organic, free from pesticides, herbicides, artificial sweeteners, or any other additives, and, of course, completely GMO free.


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