Who we are & what we do

Staying true to our purpose – to sweeten people’s lives – we produce, process, and trade with organic honey & honey bee products.

Organic as a choice and lifestyle

Our honey is produced in harmony with nature:
100% organic & natural.
We adhere to the principles of organic production in all parts of our business and in all stages of decision-making. That is the only way we know we create value for everyone involved.

Product offering

Honey products with unique blend of floral nectars & other organic ingredients produced in harmony with nature.
Available in bulk quantities and under our proprietary brand Honey Style.


Our bees collect pollen from flowers, fruits herbs, and trees in secluded areas.


To our organic honey we add other healthy, natural, organic ingredients to give you distinct and tasty products.


Our organic honey comes from the meadows and forests of sunny Bulgaria.


Our methods and technology preserve the integrity and quality of our honey without introducing any artificial additives.

Honey Style is extracted by organic beekeeping and is rich in wild herbs and wild vegetation. Our organic honey is minimally processed using special equipment and novel methods which help increase our product’s shelf-life without sacrificing any quality and, more importantly, without introducing any artificial preservatives.



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